The Joy of Programming


Fascinating stuff in programming

Programming is a computer language (encoding) that remotely runs applications. Programming has taken the digital market by a storm for it gives real time solutions to most of the activities which were done manually. Software applications are designed by programmers who take their time to ensure the program is effective and efficient. Before official release of a program it goes through piloting and testing on different operating systems available in the market to test compatibility.

Advantages of programming

Time saving

Programmed applications have made implementation of tasks easier and faster. For example, in the analog error, mailing subscribers manually was time consuming and prone to error. Currently, programmers have designed marketing software tools which allow bulk processing of mails in just a click of a button. It saves time and gives real time interactions with consumers. The instant messaging on the software tool kits enables timely feedback on different products and queries.


Human is prone to error. Programmed tools have made it simple and accurate to perform tasks. There is minimal error even in financial transactions as compared to manual use.

Real time solutions

Businesses do not have standard operations, banking and insurance transactions operate on different accounting platforms. Programmers have given real time solutions in different sectors of a business like payroll applications, human resource and accounting applications among others.

Efficient day to day tasks

Programmers ensure most tasks are performed efficiently and hassle free. The advent of computer technology has given rise to automation of most activities. A response application has been developed to solve each emerging issue.  For example; in human resource department applications are tailored to capture data of each employee at different sectors of a company. The data can make a report of an individual at the comfort of a computer.


Cognitive improvement

Programming is not a walk in the park. The process of building a program to its completion enhances cognitive thinking and mental growth. Coding of programming language allows you to jungle your thinking capacity to achieve the desired objectives. Organizing different programming languages that can be translated in a layman’s language needs proper management and organization.


The art of programming is fun for it allows you to play around with programming technologies to come up with weird software tools acceptable in the market for all tasks. The fact that you ensure the theory of programming is put into practice to provide real time solutions is enjoyable and pleasurable.


Programming is affordable there are no special devices required to develop a program. All you require is expertise in programming language to enable you to develop a toolkit that is acceptable and reliable.

Programming is a science, an art and a talent. When you make good use of your artistic skills and talent on passionate stuff, it offers you a desire to be part of the success of software development. However, to succeed in software development you need patience, endurance and resilience. Collecting mathematical concepts and codes to develop a tool that can be translated in a layman’s language in terms of solving a societal challenge is not easy. Successful programmers have made a career out of passion in programming and coding.

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