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GoPro alternatives, the better option

Digital technology has made electronic manufacturers move a notch higher in designing electronics, which is something I have learned from studying outside of programming. Most smartphones and tablets have inbuilt cameras as an added function to the phone technology. A good camera should have a wide view, prompt capture ability and portable. Additionally, it should have a large storage capacity and affordable. The tablets and smartphones cameras just contain basic camera functions but for advanced camera features, GOPro alternative is a better option. The features of GoPro alternative cameras are broadly discussed in the following aspects


GoPro alternative cameras have a large storage capacity of up to120 GB. In cases where they have a smaller storage capacity, they have a memory card slot to meet the excess need of additional storage. To view the stored photos and videos in a computer the devices uses universal USB cable for connection.


The cameras are light in weight hence portable.  Some weigh as low as 50g. Irrespective of the nature of travel or the purpose,  there are GoPro Alternative cameras can be used even for discreet areas where the cameras are invisible. The manufacturers have designed even the smallest to be used for underground filming and captures.


These series have positive customer reviews on long term usage. They are made with metallic casing to prevent external damage. Some types have inbuilt cases to sustain them in harsh weather conditions.  Some of the cameras are shock and water proof meaning they are ideal for under water filming and snow captures. The metallic case is not affected by water and low temperatures.

View mode

The type of lenses in the cameras allows wide view of up to 200 degrees. They also have zoom function to capture events at a distance. This also helps reduce and enlarge images for better quality. GoPro alternatives support High Definition (HD) resolution. Some types in the series also support video filming. They have specifications ranging from 60fps- 1080fps.



In less than $150, you can acquire brand new GoPro alternative cameras with advanced features. The more the specifications of GoPro alternatives, the higher the cost of the camera.  The cost of the device depends on storage devices, in-built tools and specific capture functions. Cameras for undercover and underwater tend to be more expensive because of specific function which translates to more inbuilt tools.

GoPro alternatives have positive customer reviews. They act as an alternative to inbuilt cameras on smartphone and tablet. The analog technology cameras have been overtaken by events. When making a choice for the correct GoPro alternative, a variety of factors need to be considered. The price should not judge the effectiveness of a camera. You should be guided by the specific objective of why you need the camera. You should ask the following questions. Will the camera serve the purpose? What is my budget for the camera? What are some of the reviews of other customers who have bought a similar camera? Is the type of camera durable?  GoPro alternatives have warranty to take care of manufacturers’ defects.

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